Critter Curriculum
Staying Safe
Staying safe outdoors is something that we all must do, both young and old alike. Below you will find some very helpful guidelines that will help keep you and anyone with you safe.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather; if it is going to be hot and sunny, wear loose fitting light colored clothing, long sleeves and pants can aid in protection from sunburn and insects like mosquitoes, tick and black flies. Likewise if it is cold and wintery outside, make sure that you dress warm and with layers; it is important to dress with layers because layers help trap in precious heat generated by your body to keep warm.
  • Buddy up; it is very important that when you plan an adventure, you bring a buddy along. This way if you or your buddy gets hurt, there is always someone that can go for help.
  • Stay hydrated; in the summer as well as in the winter, whenever we sweat, both from heat and from exercise we lose water through our skin. This lost water needs to be replaced, to avoid dehydration; to replace, just take a drink of water or clear fluid such as juice. Avoid drinks with caffeine in them as they can help the onset of dehydration.
  • Check for Ticks; During the spring, summer and early fall we tend to find these little guys all over. Typically the ticks we see are wood ticks, because they are larger and can be seen much more easily, but the ticks you need to keep an eye out for are the tiny ones called deer ticks. Deer ticks can be so small that they will look about the size of the period at the end of this sentence. To protect from ticks, you can use various types of bug repellant.
  • Make a plan; Plan out your adventure ahead of time. Jot your plan down and give your plans to a responsible adult. Information to include in this plan should include, but is not limited to, Where you are going, Who you are going with, When you expect to return, Your route to and from your destination point, Telephone numbers of where you are going if relevant and any other information you can provide. The information you provide is especially important if you become lost, because it will help in finding you.