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Vermont's Wildlife Action Plan was approved by the US Fish & Wildlife Service on November 22, 2005. You can download the entire document via the two links immediately below, but these are BIG files (1 Mb and 10Mb) and can open slowly. We recommend that you only download the chapters of interest to you. See the Table of Contents below and simply click on each chapter link to open. These files are in PDF format and require you to have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to view or print.

Wildlife Action Plan Table of Contents
  1. Title/Acknowledgements
  2. Foreword
  3. Users Guide to Vermont's Wildlife Action Plan
  4. Table of Contents
  5. National Advisory & Acceptance Team Evaluation Guide to Vermont's CWCS report
  6. Executive Summary
  7. Report
    1. Introduction
      • Mandates,Mission and Strategic Focus
      • Problem and Need
      • Vermonters Care about Wildlife
      • Congress Responds
      • Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy
      • Conservation Partners
      • Statewide Themes for Action
    2. Vermont Overview
      • Vermonters Care about Wildlife Conservation
      • The Vermont Landscape-an Overview
      • Vermont's Contemporary Land Use
      • Contemporary Problems Impacting Wildlife in Vermont
      • Conservation Success! Keeping Common Species Common
        • The Importance of Education, Law Enforcement and Wildlife-Associated Recreation to Wildlife Conservation
        • VT Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation: Current Efforts Related to Wildlife Conservation
        • Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation
        • Why is the Vermont Agency of Transportation concerned about fisheries and wildlife issues?
    3. Developing Vermont's Wildlife Action Plan
      • Process and organization
      • Species & Habitat Conservation
    4. Conserving Vermont's Wildlife Resources
      • Vermont's Species of Greatest Conservation Need
        • Problems Impacting Species of Greatest conservation Need
        • SGCN Conservation Strategy Development
        • Conserving Vermont's Birds
        • Conserving Vermont's Fishes
        • Conserving Vermont's Invertebrates
        • Conserving Vermont's Mammals
        • Conserving Vermont's Reptiles & Amptibians
      • SGCN Conservation at Multiple Scales
        • Landscape Forest Summaries
        • Northern Hardwood Forest Summary
        • Spruce-Fir-Northern hardwood Forest Summary
        • Oak-Pine-Northern hardwood Forest Summary
        • Landscape Level Aquatic and Shoreline Summary
        • Landscape Fluvial (Stream) Summary
    5. Implementation, Monitoring and Review
      • Monitoring & Adaptive Management
      • CWCS: Implementation
      • CWCS Review
    6. Glossary & Acronym Key
    7. Appendices Cover and Table of Contents
      1. Species Assessment Reports for Species of Greatest Conservation Need
      2. Habitat & Community Conservation Summaries
        • Introduction /SGCN Conservation at Multiple Scales
        • Floodplain Forest Summary
        • Hardwood Swamp Summary
        • Softwood Swamps Summary
        • Vernal Pools & Seeps Summary
        • Open Peatlands Summary
        • Marshes and Sedge Meadows Summary
        • Wet Shores Summary
        • Shrub Swamps Summary
        • Upland Shores Summary
        • Outcrops & Upland Meadows Summary
        • Cliff & Talus Summary
        • Lake Champlain Tributaries Summary
        • Lower Connecticut River Summary
        • Lake Champlain Summary
        • Lacustrine Summary (excluding Lake Champlain)
        • Grassland & Hedgerow Summary
        • Mines and Quarries Summary
        • Subterranean Summary
        • Buildings & Other Structures Summary
      3. Definitions of General Problem and Strategy Catagories
      4. Charters for the Teams & Committees of Vermont's CWCS
      5. Sample Conservation Partner Correspondence
      6. Sample CWCS Media Coverage
      7. Sample Fish & Wildlife Conservation Newsletters
      8. Secure Species the initial species assessments during SGCN Selection
      9. Explanation of Legal Status and Information Ranks-VFWD-NHIP
      10. SWG Proposal Evaluation Form
      11. Invasive Exotic and Pest Species
      12. Plans and Planning Processes Impacting Vermont Wildlife

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