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The lottery winners have been drawn! Check to see if you or someone you know is a lucky winner. Didn't win a permit? You're in luck! There are unallocated antlerless permits available. Click here to learn more.

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The orange post card permits will NOT be mailed to you this year.

Instead the antlerless muzzleloader permit will be printed on your license when you purchase your license online, or separately if you purchase your license at a license agent.

*REMINDER: You must have a valid Vermont hunting license and a muzzleloader license in addition to your antlerless deer permit. The permit entitles you to take one antlerless deer from the Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) listed on your permit using a muzzleloader firearm during the 2017 muzzleloader season.

If you have already purchased a license, you will need to reprint your license to receive your antlerless muzzleloader permit. Licenses can be reprinted online, at any local agent or any district office.

reprint your license
find a license agent
find a district office

*If you are a landowner you may hunt on your own property without a hunting or muzzleloader license.


If you didn't win a permit, or you have filled your permit, but haven't reached your three-deer limit, you're eligible to get a permit in WMUs with unallocated antlerless deer muzzleloader permits. There are unallocated antlerless permits  in WMUs A, B, F1, F2, K, N, O and Q. Hurry, they go quick!

Purchase an Unallocated Permit

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White-tailed deer are one of the most studied and talked about species in the state. Here are some helpful links to learn how we manage the state’s deer herd and habitat.