Our insignia has meaning.

VT Fish & Wildlife InsigniaThe current insignia has been modified slightly over time. The background components represent conservation concerns, particularly the need to protect habitat, and include:

  • The top band of 14 black and green alternate slashes—the counties of Vermont
  • The green foliage framing the wildlife species—the state’s forests
  • The splash around the fish on the left—the waters of the state
  • The band of grass on the right— field and edge land

The species shown stand for the whole wildlife community:

  • The deer, our most important single game species, stands for all mammals.
  • The trout is symbolic of all fish.
  • The ruffed grouse, Vermont’s king of game birds, represents all birds.

Other symbols:

  • The yellow & green throughout—the official state colors of green and gold.
  • The five wedges at the bottom—the five Fish and Wildlife districts.
  • The state over the districts— direction from Montpelier that benefits the whole state.

The Department’s insignia is protected under several laws and is a registered principle trademark. It cannot be used or reproduced without permission from the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. For inquiries on its use, please email: fwinformation@state.vt.us