Ice Shanties Must Be Removed Before Ice Weakens
Posted on 03/02/2015
Historic Ice Shanty

Media Contacts: Col. Jason Batchelder, 802-828-1529

Ice Shanties Must Be Removed Before Ice Weakens

MONTPELIER, Vt. -- Vermont state law requires that ice fishing shanties must be removed from the ice before the ice becomes unsafe or ice loses its ability to support the shanty out of the water, or before the last Sunday in March (the 29th this year), whichever comes first. 

The same Vermont law requires the name and address of the owner to be on the ice shanty.

“Ice conditions can deteriorate quickly with warmer weather, so we urge owners of shanties to get them off the lakes while it is still safe to be on the ice,” said State Game Warden Col. Jason Batchelder.  “The law exists to help ensure that shanties don’t become a boating hazard and create debris that will wash up on shore.”

The fine for leaving your ice fishing shanty on the ice can be up to $1,000, and shanties may not be left at state fishing access areas.