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Vermont Fish and Wildlife Staff
General Information:
Phone: 802-828-1000
Fax: 802-828-1250    

License Center: (for licensing questions)
Phone: 802-828-1190 or 802-828-1191

Hours: 7:45 am - 4:30 pm (Mon.- Fri.)
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Mailing Address:
Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department
1 National Life Drive, Davis 2
Montpelier, VT 05620-3702

Mailing Address:
VT Fish & Wildlife License Center
Dewey Building, 1 National Life Drive
Montpelier, VT 05620-3208

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The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department protects the state's fish and wildlife resources by protecting habitat, implementing species management plans, informing and educating the public, and performing basic research. The Fish and Wildlife Department central office staff oversees daily administrative activities, including fiscal control, hunting, fishing and trapping license distribution, access development, public affairs, and federal aid.


Commissioner: Louis Porter
Special Assistant to the FW Commissioner: Kimberly Royar
Executive Staff Assistant: Mary Diego
Chief Warden: Col. Jason Batchelder
Director of Operations: Vacant
Director of Wildlife: Mark Scott
Director of Public Relations: Susan Warner
Director of Fisheries: Eric Palmer
Counsel: Catherine Gjessing
Financial Officer: Elizabeth Stratton
Grants Administrator: Ryan Leamy
Financial Manager: Steve Gomez
Environmental Assessment: Roderick Wentworth
Fish and Wildlife Biologist: Jon Kart
Fish Culture Operations Chief: Adam Miller
Fish Health Biologist: Tom Jones
Fish Health Biologist: Barbara Johnston
Land Acquisition Coordinator: Jane Lazorchak
Facility and Lands Admin: Mike Wichrowski
Secretaries: Lucy Herring, Fonda Papineau
Licensing: Sherry Barrows, Cheri Waters


Staff provides publications and information to the public on fish and wildlife programs and laws and conducts statewide educational programs, including aquatic resource education, Project WILD, Aquatic WILD, the Green Mountain Conservation Camps, Let's go fishing program, and a three-credit course -- "Fish and Wildlife Management for Educators."

Information Specialist: Tom Rogers
Education Coordinator: Ali Thomas
Outreach Coordinator: Lilla Stutz-Lumbra
I & E Secretary: Janet Finn
Information Technology: Kris Nolan
Receptionist: Charlee Drury

Hunter Education

Approximately 4,000 students annually are trained to be safe, responsible firearms users as required by law. A mandatory trapper education program and a mandatory bowhunter education program are also administered through Hunter Education. Any person wishing to enter one of the three educational courses may contact the Hunter Education Program at 828-1193 or email

Hunter Education Coordinator: Chris Saunders
Hunter Training Coordinator: John Pellegrini
Information and Education Specialist: Nicole Corrao

Shooting Range Specialist: Daneil Pieterse

District Office Personnel
Teams of biologists, in conjunction with Montpelier staff, manage the state's fisheries and wildlife resources. District biologists protect aquatic habitat and design river and lake management programs, including stocking plans, study and inventory game and nongame wildlife populations, develop wildlife species management plans, and review development plans to protect wildlife and fish habitat.

Springfield 802-885-8855
100 Mineral Street, Suite 302
Springfield, VT 05156

Fisheries Biologists: Kenneth Cox, Lael Will
Wildlife Biologists: Forrest Hammond, Chris Bernier
Fish & Wildlife Technician: Ryan Smith
District Chief Warden: Lt. Paul Gaudreau
Secretary: Melissa Currier

Rutland (802) 786-0040
271 North Main Street Suite 215
Rutland VT 05701

Fisheries Biologists: Chet MacKenzie, Shawn Good
Wildlife Biologists: Scott Darling, Adam Murkowski, Doug Blodgett
Fish & Wildlife Technician: Joel Flewelling
District Chief Warden: Lt. George Scribner
Secretary: Jaine Kellogg

Barre 802-476-0199
5 Perry Street, Suite 40
Barre, VT 05641

Wildlife Biologists: John Buck, John Austin
Botanist: Bob Popp
Land Ecologist: Bob Zaino
Fish & Wildlife Technician: Timothy Appleton
Secretary: Patty Malenfant

Essex 802-878-1564
111 West Street
Essex Junction, VT 05452

Fisheries Biologists: Brian Chipman, Bernie Pientka
Wildlife Biologists: John Gobeille, David Sausville
Community Wildlife Program Conservation Planning Biologist: Jens Hawkins-Hilke
Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program Coordinator: Dave Adams
Fisheries Field Coordinator: David Gibson
District Chief Warden: Lt. Curtis P. Smiley
Secretary: Tammy Gratton

St. Johnsbury 802-751-0100
1229 Portland St. Suite 201
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819

Fisheries Biologists: Leonard Gerardi, Jud Kratzer
Wildlife Biologists: Cedric Alexander, Paul Hamelin, Doug Morin
Fish & Wildlife Technician: Peter Emerson
District Chief Warden: Lt. Jason Batchelder
Michele Eynon

Roxbury Lab 802-485-7566
Roxbury, VT 05669

Fisheries Biologist: Rich Kirn, Bret Ladago

Dead Creek Waterfowl Management Area 802-759-2398
Addison, VT 05491

Wildlife Biologist: Amy Alfieri

Fish Culture

State fish culture stations (hatcheries) raise cultural fish to mitigate the impacts of environmental degradation on the spawning and survival of fish populations; to rehabilitate fish populations; to re-establish fish populations that have severely declined because of social or environmental pressures; to expand the range of desirable fish populations where suitable habitat exists but is limited by spawning habitat, access or some other factor; and to provide public recreational angling. Information on fish distribution can be obtained by contacting the Roxbury Laboratory. The state fish pathology lab is located on the UVM campus in Burlington, where routine diagnostic and survey work on fish pathogens is conducted.

Bald Hill Fish Culture Station 802-467-3660
60 Abbott Hill Road
West Burke, VT 05871-9644
Supervisor: Chris Thompson
Fish Culturist: John Talbot, David Yasharian

Ed Weed Fish Culture Station 802-372-3171
14 Bell Hill Road
Grand Isle, VT 05458
Supervisor: Kevin Kelsey
Maintenance Supervisor: Ben Rooks
Production Supervisor: Tom Chairvolotti
Fish Culturists: James Bellinghiri, Sean Hilpl
Michelle Ayer, Kristi Roche
and Mark Roche

Bennington Fish Culture Station 802-447-2844
110 Hatchery Rd
Bennington, VT 05201
Supervisor: Monty Walker
Assistant Supervisor: Brook Bicking
Fish Culturists: Todd Lincoln, Dave Jareckie

Salisbury Fish Culture Station 802-352-4371
646 Lake Dunmore Rd.
Salisbury, VT 05759
Supervisor: Tom Dumont
Assistant Supervisor: Gabe Cameron
Fish Culturists: Michael Ellis, Alan Moorhouse

Roxbury Fish Culture Station 802-485-7568
3696 Roxbury Road
Roxbury, VT 05669
Supervisor: Jeremy Whalen
Fish Culturists:
Nathan Olson, Sara Nebelecky

Fish & Wildlife Law Enforcement

Wardens enforce fish and wildlife, boat, snowmobile, ATV, and general criminal laws. Wardens can be reached by calling the nearest State Police dispatcher. A toll-free number is available for citizens who wish to report fish and wildlife violations. This "Operation Game Thief" number is 1-800-752-5378.

Chief Warden: Col. Jason Batchelder
Deputy Chief: Maj. Dennis Reinhardt
Law Enforcement Assistants: Lucy Herring, LeeAnne Deane

All Telephone Numbers are for area code 802 unless specified.

WardenState Police PhoneHome PhoneResidence
Lt. Scribner, George 773-9101 462-3595 Middlebury
Sgt Gallant, Keith 234-9933 728-9215 E Braintree
Gravelle, Jason 234-9933 484-7435 West Windsor
Hungerford, Josh 388-4919 989-7484 Middlebury
Sterling, Robert 773-9101 265-4602 Fair Haven
Wesley Butler 773-9101 797-8172 West Rutland
Whipple, Jeffrey 234-9933 685-7813 Vershire
Spc. Whitlock, Dale 388-4919 388-4875 Middlebury
WardenState Police PhoneHome PhoneResidence
Lt. Gregory, David 748-3111 626-4390 Lyndon Ctr
Sgt Szymanowski, Trevor 748-3111 695-1314 North Concord
Amsden, Dennis 234-9933 751-7695 Danville
Dukette, Jason 334-8881 334-2904 Derby
Randy Hazard 334-8881 962-3492 Bloomfield
Reed, Jenna 334-8881 334-1215 Derby
Schichtle, Mark 222-4680 757-2121 Wells River
Spc. Shopland, Russell 748-3111 472-3040 E. Hardwick
T. Mike Scott 334-8881 802-525-5501 Barton
WardenState Police PhoneHome PhoneResidence
Lt. Smiley, Curtis 878-7111 849-2156 Fairfax
Sgt Wedin, Carl 524-5993 868-9110 Sheldon
Barrett, Chad 229-9191 244-1680 Waterbury Center
Brown, Paul 229-9191 485-4432 Northfield
Cook, Tom 878-7111 878-0094 Essex Jct.
Currier, Robert 878-7111 497-2136 Colchester
Ethan Coffey 878-7111 888-2964 Morristown
Fowler, Sean 229-9191 454-9919 Plainfield
Joyal, Dana 878-7111 425-4506 Charlotte
Snyder, Dustin 524-5993 849-9980 Fairfax
Thiel, Matthew 524-5993 868-6257 Highgate
WardenState Police PhoneHome PhoneResidence
Lt. Gaudreau, Paul 442-5421 394-2973 West Rupert
Sgt Buttle, Travis 442-5421 442-4383 Shaftsbury
Cody Jackman 442-5421
Eckhardt, Greg 875-2112 824-5785 Landgrove
Majeski, Stephen 875-2112 457-1488 Woodstock
Price, Kelly 257-7101 251-2171 Brattleboro
Stedman, Justin 773-9101 325-9333 Pawlet
Taddei, David 875-2112 221-4066 Townshend
Timothy Carey 773-9101 259-9533 Mount Holly
Watkin, Richard 257-7101 368-7302 Whitingham

Wildlife Diversity Program
Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department
1 National Life Drive, Davis 2
Montpelier, VT 05620-3702
Fax: 802-828-1250

The Wildlife Diversity Program is responsible for managing and promoting nongame wildlife (animals that are not fished or hunted), inventorying and protecting endangered species, and informing people about Vermont's significant natural areas. The program has four distinct parts: species and habitat management; inventory; planning assistance; and education and outreach. Staff continually updates and adds to a computerized biological database. The program also is involved with various types of regulatory reviews, including Act 250.

Project Coordinator: Steve Parren
Zoologist: Mark Ferguson
Botanist: Bob Popp
Data Manager: Everett Marshall
Lands Ecologist: Bob Zaino
Natural Communities Ecologist: Eric Sorenson
Database Assistant: Jodi Shippee

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