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Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department Insignia

Our Insignia Has Meaning
Vermont Fish and Wildlife Logo

The Fish & Wildlife Department has a long history in the state of Vermont, and it shows. Surveys of the public have revealed that the Department’s insignia is one of the most recognized Vermont state symbols. Conservation of Vermont's Fish and Wildlife is an important aspect of Vermont's heritage and that is reflected in our Department's symbol.

The current insignia has been modified slightly over time and explanations of the insignia can be found in early law digests published by the Department. One such early publication detailed the meaning of each element in the overall design of the insignia in the following words:

"The top band of fourteen black and green alternate slashes represent the counties of the state of Vermont.

The stylized green foliage framing the wildlife species represents our concern for forests; the splash around the fish on the left, our concern for the waters of the state; and the band of grass on the right, our concern for the field and edge land. Combined, these stand for our concern for good habitat needed to support our wildlife and key to sound game management.

The species shown stand for the whole wildlife community. The deer, our most important single game species, stands for all mammals. The trout is symbolic of all fish. The ruffed grouse, Vermont’s kin of game birds, represents all birds.

The yellow gold background carries out the official state colors of green and gold.

The five converging wedges at the bottom of the shield depict the five Fish and Game districts focusing attention on the species and the habitat, neither of which can be considered separately.

The state superimposed over the districts depicts central direction from Montpelier to benefit the state as a whole."

Here at the Fish & Wildlife Department, we are proud of our state symbol. Because we take its meaning seriously, the Department’s insignia is protected under several laws and is a registered principle trademark. It cannot be used or reproduced without permission from the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.


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