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PB Picture Lead Sinker Disposal Options

tacklebox When you clean out your tackle box
DO NOT Throw Lead Sinkers Away In Your Trashcan

GarbageBag Lead is Toxic and needs to be recycled properly.
Lead has an economic value for recycling.

Solid Waste Facilities throughout the state will take lead sinkers. Call ahead as they may direct you to a specific site for recycling.

Lead Disposal Contacts by Town.
or Vermont Solid Waste Districts Web Page
recycle your sinkers
Some community recycling centers have a scrap metal collection bin which will be recycled properly. Or, you can bring your lead sinkers to the hazardous waste collection day that most local recycling centers host once or twice a year and recycled them as part of the scrap metal program. Check with your Town Clerks Office or Local Recycling Center to see when the next collection day will be or to see if your recycling center has a scrap metal pile year-round.
  • Town of Burke Recycle Center on School Street in West Burke will accept lead sinkers all year long.
  • Martins General Store, Highgate Springs Route 7 - Drop off your Lead Sinkers and purchase the Non Lead Alternative sinkers.
  • North Country Bait and Tackle - 23 North River Street, Swanton - 802-868-7843
    Dispose of your Lead Sinkers and purchase new Non-Lead ones.
You can also exchange your lead sinkers, while visiting Lowell Lake State Park, Londonderry VT

Because Lead sinkers are small, they should go into a seperate container so they don't fall out or get lost.

Call the Vermont Recycling Hotline for proper disposal information. 1-800-932-7100

Scrap Metal Yards will PAY YOU for bringing in lead.

Because Lead can be recycled, it has an economic value. The economic value is market driven, just like the value for gold or copper. Therefore, rates will fluctuate for the price paid out for lead, possibly on a daily basis. Call the Scrap Metal Yard to know what they are paying on a given day. Some businesses require a minimum weight of lead before they will provide payment, but ALL WILL ACCEPT LEAD AT NO CHARGE to you.

All Metals Recycling
Route 15
Hardwick, VT
(802) 472-5100
Recycle Burnett Scrap Metals
8855 Route 116
Hinesburg, VT
(802) 878-5456
Bolduc Auto Salvage
Route 12
Montpelier, VT
(802) 223-7917
Clarence Brown Inc.
Federal Street
Saint Albans, VT
(802) 524-2400
Ever Green Recycling
29 A Street
White River Jct, VT
(802) 295-7506
Earth Waste Systems
67 River Street
Rutland, VT
(802) 775-7722
Hodgdon Bros
Route 5
Windsor, VT
(802) 674-6202

Above are a few establishments we researched throughout the state which accept lead. However, Check the websites below for additional locations nearest you that may also accept lead.

Auto Salvage Yards in Vermont may accept lead. Call to see if they will accept lead sinkers.

Junk Yards will also accept scrap metal. Call to check if they will accept lead sinkers.

Where can I get More information on Lead Sinkers and Loons.
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