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Conservation Assistance Project   (Technical Assistance offerings for municipalities, regional commissions, non-governmental organizations, & private landowners)

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Community Wildlife Program Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department has a long tradition of assistance to landowners and municipalities on issues of planning and improvement of wildlife habitat. That effort continues as we offer (in coordination with partnering organizations), two integrated programs to maintain and improve wildlife habitat in Vermont. Department staff can serve as contact people to help you find the sort of assistance you need. These programs operate with different target groups, but work to coordinate and integrate the assistance we offer.

Below is a comparison chart followed by more complete descriptions of each program




Community Wildlife Program


(More information below)

For towns, regional planning commissions and NGOs doing conservation planning
  • Technical Assistance with land use & conservation planning 
  • Reviewing Town Documents
  • Development of conservation strategies tailored to your town’s needs

Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program


(More information below)

For landowners (including NGOs & State) who want to improve the quality of their wildlife habitat
  • Technical Assistance with improving wildlife habitat
  • Cost share and funds available for approved practices that enhance habitat value





Educational Presentations for Towns


Community Wildlife Program (CWP)

The Community Wildlife Program provides assistance and resources for professional and lay planners in Vermont. We help regional and municipal planning commissions and non-governmental organizations in their efforts to protect wildlife habitat and significant natural communities by providing them with the most up-to-date information on conservation science and help them with the implementation of their conservation projects.

We help towns identify their important wildlife habitat by providing data for GIS review as well as instruction in how to do field work and how to use these information sources. We help towns translate conservation goals that the community has agreed on into language suitable for the Town Plan and further assist with turning that language into appropriate zoning and subdivision regulations that bring these conservation goals into action. We help towns and organizations connect with other assistance organizations and finding funding in moving their goals forward. 


Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP)

With many Vermont landowners interested in managing their land for wildlife, the need for technical and financial assistance has become more evident. Recently, the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department and the US Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) have partnered together to help provide technical assistance for the USDA’s Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program. 

WHIP is a voluntary federal program that helps landowners interested in creating and enhancing high quality wildlife habitat on their property. Since its implementation in 1998, almost 11,000 people have taken advantage of the program, improving wildlife habitat on more then 1.6 million acres across the United States. 

NRCS and the Department of Fish & Wildlife have joined forces in this mission to help create high quality fish and wildlife habitat here in Vermont. Department staff assist NRCS with the planning, and implementation of WHIP plans. They help develop these conservation plans, give recommendations on carrying out these plans, and certify that practices have been completed according to the conservation plan.


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